Journey to the bottom of the world

Feel like getting off the beaten track? Are looking for a job with a difference? Do you like the cold? Do you like penguins?
 Well if you do then maybe you should consider applying to the British Antarctic Survey, the UK’s leading environmental research centre based in Antarctica. With opportunities for everyone, from carpenters to scientists, your sure to find your skills put to good use. Plus, what better job satisfaction can there be than knowing all your hard work and effort will benefit the world in a greater understanding of the effects of climate change. You can expect to earn a similar wage to that of the UK but with free accommodation and food included, you should be able to save most of your salary.
Its certainly not for everyone, the environment can be hostile and living quarters can be cramped but for those who can bear it, it offers the chance to experience life on one of the last great frontiers on earth.
If your interested in finding out more, visit:
The British Antarctic Survey –

In addition to the British Antarctic Survey, a smaller organisation  known as the UK Antarctic Trust Heritage recruit a small number of people each year to work on a variety of tasks from researching the local penguin population to operating the worlds most southerly post office.
You can find more information about work of  The UK Antarctic Trust Heritage


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