Clearance diver

If you’re looking for something different to the normal 9-5 office job then few careers could claim to be as different or unique as a mine clearance diver.
Operating at depths of up to 60 metres you will using your skills to identify and dispose of mines and other explosives. As well as mine clearance work, you will also be required to carry out routine engineering works and repairs on the ships hull and propeller system. You will need to be extremely fit and practically minded for this job as well as obviously being a person who enjoys working under water. The Royal Navy takes on many new recruits each year but competition for places is high. If selected you will undergo 30 weeks of intensive diver and soldier training before you are posted in your first role. You’ll learn crucial skills like discipline and teamwork as well as more specific skills related to diving and explosives. Starting salary for new recruits is just under £17,000 with increases as you progress through the ranks. As well as a reasonable salary you will have a good pension, the opportunity to travel the world and six weeks paid holiday every year.


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