Gambling is extremely popular and has exploded in recent years with more interest in high profile poker tournaments that offer multi-million dollar prizes. It’s estimated that 32 million adults participate in gambling of some form each year and that number is set to rise.

Despite the popularity of online casinos, working as a croupier in a casino is still a popular and interesting way to make a living. With lots of jobs on cruise ships and many possibilities overseas you could travel the world and earn a reasonable income at the same time.
Croupiers and dealers work a variety of tables in the casino, from throwing the dice, spinning the roulette wheel to dealing cards. Training is thorough to make sure dealers ensure all players abide by the rules of the house and the correct chips are calculated and distributed after each bet. You need to be good with numbers and be able to concentrate for long periods of time. In addition croupiers need good interpersonal skills with the ability stay calm and remain tactful even when tensions fray with losing customers.
Most casinos train new entrants in-house so you will need to apply to the casinos directly when they have trainee vacancies. The British Casino Association has a list of UK registered casinos.
During an interview, you may be tested on your mental arithmetic in order to show you can calculate payments and odds successfully. If your successful, training normally then takes from six to eight weeks before you can work on the floor. You will need to apply to the Gaming Board of Great Britain for a gambling licence before you can start. You cannot work if you have a criminal record and checks will be made.

Croupiers normally work shifts and the hours can be very unsociable with very late finishes and you may be asked to work bank holidays and weekends. Generally croupiers can expect to start on around £18,000 in London and around £13,000 for the rest of the UK. After two years experience you can apply for jobs abroad. With interesting jobs working on cruise ships and in far flung glamorous locations such as Monte Carlo or Las Vegas, the world really is your oyster.
The possibilities for promotion are good, with experience, a croupier can progress to a gaming inspector and onto a pit boss which can be very rewarding.


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