25 facts about Algeria

1. Algeria is the second largest country in Africa
2. Over 1 million Algerians died during the country's fight for independence from France which they achieved in 1962
3. Algeria is the largest exporter of propane/butane in the world
4. The highest ever recorded temperature in Algeria was 60.5 degrees centigrade

5. Algeria has the largest oat market in Africa
6. The area used to be known as Numidia
7. Constantine is twinned with Istanbul and Grenoble in France
8. Out of 132 capital cities studied, Algiers is considered to be one of the least livable
9. 80%-90% of Algeria is in the Sahara desert
10. Oran the second largest city in Algeria comes from the Berber word Wahran which means 'Two Lions' after sightings of the animals were seen in the area circa 900 BC
11. Former French footballer and World Player of the Year, Zinedine Zidane has Algerian heritage
12. Three languages are spoken. Arabic, French and Berber
13. In the 1800's Algeria was notorious as a base for slave traders and pirates
14. Algiers has the highest cost of living in North Africa
15. Situated in the Ahaggar mountains, Mount Tahat is the country's highest peak at 3,003m
16. The country is known for Bertolli's olive oil despite it having an Italian background
17. Algeria's national day is on November 1st and is called Revolution Day
18. Algeria is three times the size of Texas
19. The biggest sand dunes are located in Algeria
20. 'A sensible enemy is better than a narrow minded friend' is one of Algeria's proverbs
21. The town of Chlef formerly Al-Asnam derives it's name from the country's longest river and is considered to be one of the hottest urban area's in Algeria
22. About 25% of the country's population lives off less than $2 per day
23. Couscous is Algeria's national dish
24. The Algerian legal system is based on French and Islamic law
25. Algeria is the largest importer of agricultural goods in Africa


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