Teaching English abroad

Teaching English as a foreign language is possibly one of the greatest ways to meet and interact with local people. It will certainly challenge you at times but the skills you learn and people you meet will reward you for a lifetime. English teachers are highly sought after throughout the world and you could find yourself working anywhere from Peru to China. The world really is your oyster!

Salaries can vary drastically depending on where and for who you choose to work for. They range from voluntary positions with no salary to jobs in Saudi Arabia with private institutions earning around £2000 a month tax-free. Sounds tempting? Well money should not be the sole deciding factor in your decision, jobs in Saudi Arabia might sound good financially but you should remember that alcohol and virtually all nightlife is prohibited there.  On the other hand English teachers in Thailand earn around £700 a month. This may not should like much by western standards but should be more than enough to live quite comfortably in Thailand where a pint of beer and an evening meal costs less than £2.
Most programs will ask you to commit to one school year but with the benefit of long school holidays, and free weekends, you should have plenty of time to explore your surroundings.
Whilst it is not mandatory, it will certainly be easier to find employment if you have completed a (Teach English as a Foreign Language) TEFL qualification.  In addition, completing  a TEFL course will provide you with the skills and confidence to begin your first teaching post. There are now numerous providers who are willing to train you for a fee and some guarantee to find you a job afterwards. Prices vary depending on how many hours of instruction you require but you could get your qualification for as little as £200.
Still interested? Great, well we’ve hand picked some respected sites to kick start your teaching career.
Interested in teaching in Thailand, see jobs available here.
Interested in teaching in Japan, the JET program is very well respected.
Want more information about TEFL courses.
Interested in TEFL course with a guaranteed job afterwards, this agency may be able to help.
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