Why people hate Justin Bieber?

Justin Bieber's fame and success comes with an unwelcome group of enemies. Why do they hate the Canadian heartthrob so intensely?

Unless you’ve cloistered yourself away in a remote nook, or been some sort of ultra-pariah for the past few years, you’ve probably heard at least one of Justin Bieber's songs. The Canadians sensation was discovered in 2008, singing song covers on the video sharing website, YouTube. After being flown across the continent, and signing with his idol Usher’s record label, he released his debut single “One Time,” and was quickly propelled to the peak of superstardom by his angelic voice, non-threatening good looks, and brilliant public image managers.
While many initially thought that he was simply the flavor of the month, Justin Bieber has shown at least marginal staying power. In fact, with his semi-documentary film, “Never Say Never,” capturing the number two spot the box office opening weekend, one would be perfectly justified in arguing that Justin’s notoriety and popularity has never been higher.

People Who Hate Justin Bieber

Inevitably a person of Bieber’s popularity will incur the attention of what are known in “the biz” as “haters:” individuals who despise a performer simply because of his/her level of success. However, Justin’s haters are in a league of their own. Never before in entertainment history has one artist, a kid ness, managed to garner such  a devoted group of enemies who religiously bombard each and every applicable thread, video, and poll (and many that are inapplicable) with pre prepared tirades and rants. So what makes Justin Bieber different from any other popular musician today? What is it about him that makes his enemies’ blood boil?

Faulty Reasons Why People Hate Justin Bieber

Often when they are confronted over the reasons for their Bieber bashing, those guilty respond with some sort of homophobic slur, directed at either the questioner, or the teen singer himself. Occasionally, one of the more intelligent haters will respond with a commentary on the sorry state of mass media and the superficial nature of our society.
However, looking at the answers of the remainder of those asked, one could glean that the IQ needed to comprehend, process, and act upon a concept as complex as the one stated above is not possessed by the majority of those attempting to defame Bieber.
Often Justin’s defenders will claim that all the hard feelings are caused simply by jealousy. However, jealousy does not equal hate; I personally am jealous of every single multimillionaire musician I listen to – but I don’t hate them. There is a more complicated reason for all the anger towards Justin Bieber. A reason that has to do with some of the most deeply ingrained ideals in our society.

Why Is Justin Bieber so Hated?

The vast majority of those who despise JB are teenage males. Each and every male, while growing up, is bombarded with the expectations and social norms associated with being a man: toughness, ruggedness, being emotionally vacant, save for anger and cockiness, and, encompassing the three previous concepts, as well as many others, “manliness.” We are taught (most often subconsciously) that these are what should define a “real man.” Most boys believe growing up that being a “real man” will bring them success, wealth, and happiness.
And now, along comes a kid about the same age as them; a kid who has achieved worldwide fame and absurd levels of wealth.
Quick! Mental Checklist! Is Justin Bieber…

  • Tough—It doesn’t appear so
  • Rugged—definitely not
  • Showing emotions other than cockiness or anger—resoundingly yes
  • Manly—Ha ha, no, everyone knows real men don’t wear purple!
Uh oh! This guy is the exact opposite of an “ideal man,” and yet he has achieved levels of fame and success that the real men can only dream about while watching NASCAR/UFC or doing brain dead manual labor jobs.
Talk about cognitive dissonance! The teen’s subconscious inevitably chooses to continue accepting the already ingrained social norms rather than undergo the painful process of re-examining all that it once held as fact. Thus the individual decides that the only way out is to defame the source of the cognitive dissonance--for if he is no longer successful and popular, the traditional social norms the individual is familiar with can still ring true.
Some may ask: “how do you know how these people’s minds and subconscious minds work?" The answer is simple; though I do not like to admit it, I could once be categorized as a Bieber basher. I was no different from any of the others until the conscious, logical part of my brain spoke up: “why do you hate this guy?” I had no good answer, so I stopped hating.

To Thoes Who Hate Justin Bieber: “It’s All For Nothing”

Of course, the ultimate irony is that all the defamation attempts only fuel Justin Bieber’s popularity, both by creating a greater amount of internet buzz and by throwing a chunk of coal on JB's drive to create better, successful music.

So please comment and tell your opinion why so many people hates Justin Bieber?...


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