Top 10 Gifts For Your Girl

I bet you know situation, when you want to find a present for girl. But everything around you is boring. There is the list of the best presents for a girl. I hope, that this post will help you to find out what would make her smile.

No.10 Silverlake Wine’s Wine Of The Month Club

Give her only the commitment you're prepared for with this customizable club: tell 'em what kind of wine she prefers (from as basic as red to as specific as regions and varietals), how much you're willing to spend (from $25 per installment to $250), and how many months you wanna go for, from three to indefinite. This is the perfect gift for your girl if your relationship is built on a solid foundation of mutual respect and trust... when she's sh*tfaced.
Gifts For Your Girl
No.9 Trophy Queen
This Ventura designer brings a motorcycle-culture, rocker-girl steez to everything from sparkly vinyl wallets to leopard-print interior weekend bags to multi-pocketed handbags gussied up with a fabric the designer calls "Mexican blanket." If your girl doesn't like it, look out, you're dating a racist.
Gifts For Your Girl
No.8 La Playa Hotel, Carmel

Through April, $165 gets you a night's stay for two in this super serene ex-mansion with amenities like an outdoor heated pool, garden spa treatments and a classy Terrace Grill. Mention Thrillist during booking, and the concierge'll set you up with a beach bonfire, blanket and bucket of champange -- or just hit up the Paso Robles Motel 6, buy a bottle of Cook's, and light stuff on fire.

Gifts For Your Girl

No.7 3 Rings For The Price Of 1

Triple your thoughtfulness with this Italian-made asymmetrical ring stack: an 18-karat gold band atop a silver band bearing two black garnet chunks, atop another silver band with a big ol' cubic zirconia, which she's now 66.66% more likely to carelessly mistake for a diamond.
Gifts For Your Girl

No.6 Brevity Necklaces

From a New York designer, these affordable acrylic and stainless steel necklace gewgaws sport svelte and alluring (but fundamentally non-committal) geometric patterns, like hexagonal grids, honeycombs and bubbles. Also, the company's called Brevity, so if it doesn't work out, she can't say you didn't warn her.
Gifts For Your Girl

No.5 Sorapot

From a Brooklyn-based coffee hater, this oblong stainless steel and Pyrex tea-brewer will enable her dainty oolong habit despite looking like a bomb devised by a ruthlessly fey European terrorist. (Tea Hard: With a Vengeance.)
Gifts For Your Girl

No.4 Art From 20x200

Curated by an LES gallery owner and updated twice weekly with posters and prints starting at $20, this online boutique hawks small batch runs of everything from desolate Western townscapes to a still-life of a grounded raft longing to enter a lake to colorful abstract illustrations exploring "relational space." Sadly, there are no copies of the rare-since-your-deflowering 10 Reasons Beer is Better Than Women.
Gifts For Your Girl

No.3 Bee Raw Honey Flight

This precious oak block showcases nine 1 oz vials of artisanal bee juice, hand-corked in NY and sourced nationwide. These vials contain everything from the light-colored, northern-climb Basswood (pairs with green apples and vanilla ice cream) to the molasses-like, Washington state Buckwheat (strong cheese) to the amber-hued and buttery North Carolina varietal known as Sourwood (everything from Asian foods to buttermilk biscuits, also the secret ingredient in Southern barbecue sauce).
Gifts For Your Girl

No.2 Vibrating Panties

These lacy underwear feature an anatomically positioned pouch for the included vibrator, whose 10 treadmill-esque jiggle programs are operable via an also-included remote. The range is 20 feet to 30 feet – which is like intimacy, but better, because you're still on the couch.
Gifts For Your Girl

No.1 Edible Chocolate Box

From the caviarphiles at Petrossian, this gift comes with an assortment of exquisitely decorated handmade chocolates and a twist: The case is made of the finest white and dark chocolate, leaving your girlfriend no choice but to finally eat box.
Gifts For Your Girl

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