How to solve rubik's cube?

Rubik's cube solution

There are many Rubik's (also known as Hungarian) cube solutions. Here is a one of them,which I learned as a child and still use it.

First, you select a color from the start. Locate the color of the central cell. This will be the upper wall of the cube (V).

You have to remember that the cube is stratified, and gradually, rather than one at the border alone.
First of all you must elect ''upper cross'' in line with the side wall of the upper bi-color cube with the colors of the central cube colors.

Licenses at drawings:
S - front wall
V - The upper wall
D - right wall
K - left wall
A - The lower wall

The border in turn:
P - Front wall clockwise.
P '- Front wall counter clockwise.
D - Right wall clockwise.
D '- Right wall counter clockwise.
K - Left wall clockwise.
K '- The left wall counter clockwise.
V - The top wall in a clockwise direction.
V '- The top wall counter clockwise.
A - The bottom wall - clockwise.
A '- The bottom wall - counter-clockwise.
C - Central row turn upside
C '-The central row down.

Please note, that front wall(P) in drawings must face you.
Rubiko kubasRubiko kubasRubiko kubas

Rubiko kubas
Rubiko kubas
Orientation of angles of the first layer.

Rubiko kubas
Collection of the second layer:
Rubiko kubas
P cube wall should be facing you.
Kubo surinkimas
After collecting two layers of the cube, cube have to be turned. Then you can start elect the bottom cross.
Collection of the third layer:
Rubiko kubas
P cube wall should be facing you.
Corns off the bottom layer:
It's realy easy way to construct cube.
I studied it in one day and i know, that it is corect way.
Good luck and have fun.


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