Jupiter Sounds

Named after the Roman God known as Zeus in Germany, the planet Jupiter technically has no surface as it is entirely made out of gas. Jupiter can be seen without a telescope because of its huge size.
The gravitational pull of the planet is so high that anything and everything that passes the planets gets pulled towards it. Jupiter has 63 moons and one of them is volcanically active and it is the only moon in the entire solar system to be in such a state. The fastest spinning planet of all, Jupiter has clouds that are up to 50 km thick and the average day on Jupiter lasts around 10 hours. After Venus, Jupiter is the second brightest planet in the Solar System (Venus reflects 70% of sunlight). Mars outshines Jupiter only when approached very close to the Earth. Interesting Fact is that Jupiter emits weird sounds or so called "electromagnetic voices" recorded by NASA-Voyager. To hear Jupiter speak listen to the video below.


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