Interesting Facts About Barbados

I have put together a list of what I feel are interesting facts about the Caribbean Island of Barbados. Now that I’m living on the Island I’m making a real effort to learn as much as I can about my new home.  I feel that it is my duty as a guest in Barbados to become more aware of what the island is all about.

 20 Interesting Facts About Barbados:
  1. Barbados has a democratic government and its parliament comprises of 30 seats. Its parliament is actually modelled on the British Westminster system.
  2. The English first colonists arrived on the Island on February 17, 1627. The ship landed at site now called Holetown with 80 colonists and 10 African slaves.
  3. Britain ruled over Barbados until it gained its independence on the 30th of November 1966.
  4. The first Prime Minister of Barbados was Errol Barrow on the above date.
  5. The Motto of Barbados is “Pride and Industry”.
  6. The National Anthem is “In Plenty and In Time of Need.
  7. The national flower is the Pride of Barbados or Caesalpinia Pulcherrima, which grows all over the island.
  8. The prime mister is David Thomson and the current ruling party is the Democratic Labour party who came in to power on January 15th 2008 after winning 20 of the 30 seats. 
  9. Barbados is 166 square miles in size and is divided into 11 different parishes.
  10. Barbados has over 3000 hours of sunshine a year and the average daytime temperature is between 29-31degrees Celsius.
  11. Currency The Barbados Dollar is tied to the US Dollar at a fixed rate of US$1.00 = BDS$1.98. The US Dollar is readily accepted everywhere on the island.
  12.  The time difference in Barbados is 4 hours behind GMT in the winter and 5 hours in the summer, 1 hour ahead of US Eastern Standard Time in the winter and the same during US Daylight Saving Time.
  13.  Barbados is situated just east of the Caribbean Sea, which is situated in the Western Atlantic Ocean.
  14. Barbados is only 434 Kilometres northeast of the South American country of Venezuela. Its closest neighbours are Saint Lucia and Saint Vincent and the Grenadines to the west, Grenada to the south-west and Trinidad and Tobago to the south.
  15. Barbados is the most easterly island in the Caribbean and is considered part of the Lesser Antilles.
  16. They drive on the correct side of the road in Barbados, which is of course the left side of the road.
  17. Taxi fares in Barbados are not metered; fares are actually set between certain points. It goes without saying to always ask how much before you get into a taxi.
  18.  One of the first signatures on the original United States constitution was a Barbadian as was the printer of the document.
  19.  The legal drinking age for alcohol in Barbados is 18, but those that are aged 10-17 are allowed to consume alcohol provided they are with a parent.
  20.  Barbados is seemingly one of the most densely populated countries in the world; It sure doesn’t feel that way! It is also seemingly has one of the most dense road networks in the world, I can believe this one!
 There you have it 20 interesting snippets of information that I have learned about the Caribbean island of Barbados.


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