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Sit n Go Poker Tournaments

Sit n Go poker tournament (also referred to as a single table tournament) usually has 10 players and starts after the all of the players have registered for the tournament. There are both limit and no limit holdem sit n go poker tournaments. 

Each player starts the tournament with the same amount of  poker chips, and play continues until one player has all the chips. At this point, prizes are awarded according to the prize payout for that particular sit n go tournament.

Sit n Go Rules

•  All Sit n Go tournaments are played until 1 player has all of the chips.
•  All Sit n Go tables begin shortly after the last person has registered.
•  The blinds are determined by the button.
•  There are no breaks.   Sit n go poker tournaments continue until one player holds all the chips.
•  When a player loses all their chips they are declared out of the tournament and finish in the order they were eliminated. For example: If you are the third player eliminated in a 10 player tournament, you finish in 8th place.
•  If more than one player is eliminated in the same hand, the player with the most chips before the hand started finishes higher. In the case where both players also have the same amount of chips before the hand, both players will tie for the position. If there is a tie between two or more players, the prizes they qualify for are split evenly between all tied players. For example: if two players tie for 2nd place, each player receives 50% of the second place prize and 50% of the third place prize.
•  All players will play with all their chips until either they lose all their chips or win the tournament.
•  During play in a sit n go poker tournament, if a player loses their connection and does not re-connect or does not act, their hands are automatically folded and their blinds are posted automatically when it is their turn until they return.

Sit N Go Payout Structure

A 10 player sit n go poker tournament usually pays the top 3 positions.
  • 1st place player - 50%
  • 2nd place player - 30%
  • 3rd place player - 20%
  • 4th place to 10th place player - no prize
(For example a $5+.50 single table sit n go played at PokerRoom pays $25 to the winner, $15 to the second place player and $10 to the third place player.  The additional $.50 per player collected goes to the poker site.)


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