Five Reasons Why Not to Buy an IPad 2

People nowadays are getting mad to update their selves with new mobile phones. Every time they see a new entry they just go for it without even looking at its features. Here we are going to tell you some tips for not felling in love with the new iPad 2.

The iPad has better online content access as iPad 2

Although iPad 2 is the new one in the market, so technically it’s expected to perform thousand times better than iPad, but the case is reverse. The iPad is much better choice for downloading online contents, than the iPad 2 along with its supplementary power, that can be a fine reason to have iPad rather than iPad 2.

The iPad is better at media player as iPad 2

iPad 2 makes a striking, and smarter appearance in the market, but it didn’t convey any novelty into the features of media player, and it’s all the same as an iPad. So it would be a better idea to stick to your iPad.

The iPad can enable you to use Garage Band

Garage band is a spanking new feature of Apple, that can perform its functions faster in iPad 2, but iPad is also equipped with this feature, so only a faster speed might not be a better reason to spend a lot of your money on purchasing this latest model.

The iPad has HDTV output feature like an iPad 2.

One fresh feature of iPad 2 is that of video mirroring at its 1080 max resolution. You can still your original iPad because it is still much more effective with its ability to send videos to the HDTV at 720p, even with lesser resolution than iPad 2.

The iPad has better eBook reader as iPad 2

iPad is a reliable device having a smarter screen where you can download and read eBooks easily. One can read whole newspapers and magazines. iPad 2 comes out to be the copy of iPad in terms of the screen. We are just unable to find any alteration in it.


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