5 jobs underwater

Life should be fun and interesting, if you get up in the morning thinking ‘I’m dreading work today’ then maybe it’s time to broaden your horizons and see what other opportunities are out there. Have you ever thought about working underwater? It’s definitely not your normal 9-5 job but there are lots of people making a good living from working underwater, here are some ideas of fun jobs to inspire you.

Underwater Archaeologist
A wealth of human history lies submerged at the bottom of lakes, seas and oceans of the world. An underwater archaeologist spends all their time unearthing these lost treasures. You could be examining anything from shipwrecks to exploring lost, underwater cities. The work is scientific with equal amounts of time spent on dry land researching treasures and planning the next excavation. If you’re fascinated by history and enjoy diving then a career as an underwater archaeologist could be ideal for you.
Underwater welding
This is a highly specialised niche in the construction industry but also one that is very well paid. In certain situations, such as on an oil rig, it is often not possible to bring items onto dry land to get them welded. In these cases, experienced welders who have trained to work underwater with specialist equipment are drafted in to provide the necessary support. The work can be very challenging and the good pay is in compensation for inherent risk that comes with the job.
Dive instructor
If you like teaching and enjoy diving then why not consider a job as a diving instructor. The work can be demanding as you have to strike a balance between being a good host and having fun while ensuring the safety of your group. The hours can be a little unsociable too as you will generally be busiest at weekends and during annual holidays. Having said that, you will also have a great amount of freedom with the job and becoming a diving instructor could well be the first step on a long road towards owning your own diving school.
Underwater Photographer
Taking photographs underwater requires a different set of skills and equipment to that of photographers on dry land. It is a specialist job but also one that is in constant demand from magazines and art galleries. You could be shooting anything from coral reef and sharks to underwater models from fashion houses. The work is varied and you may well be asked to travel to far flung destinations around the world in order to get your shot. As well as photographers, underwater videographers make a good living doing essentially the same thing but with video.
Underwater Tour Guide
If you enjoy diving and consider yourself a good host then maybe you should try being an underwater tour guide. You could be guiding anyone from groups of experienced divers looking for the best diving spots to perhaps leading a tour of visitors wanting to swim with sharks. It can be a scary job at times and you have to accept responsibility for the safety of your group. However it’s also a fun job that lets you meet people from all around the world whilst living in an exotic location.


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